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Tiens BBS 2014 Pakistan

Tiens BBS 2014 Pakistan
1st Diamond Lion Mr. Burhan Basri....Mega Opp, Celebrating 5,6,7,8 Star

Thursday, 17 April 2014

TIENS Pakistan & Banner Store Managing Director's Message

TIENS Pakistan & Banner Store Managing Director's Message

Dear All,
During 2011, we dealt with so many challenges and changes that have given us new strength and motivation to work more systematically and dedicatedly for our professional as well as personal growth. I am thankful to my staff members and our valuable distributors for their support and hard work.
I would like to congratulate all China Tour winners of 2011. It's for the first time in TINES Pakistan that 137 distributors qualified for Free China Tour and went to witness by their own eyes the grandeur of TIENS, and the new industrial park in Tianjin where they attended the 16th Anniversary Convention, and attended Training imparted by different International Trainers. This big group of tour achievers who got the real vision made the solid foundation for successful business and career in TIENS.
So, for the year 2012, I wish to see bigger group than year 2011.
In TIENS, we have prided ourselves in charting our very own course to grow our business and now 2012 beckons us to accelerate our growth armed with renewed passion for excellence in all our undertaking. Collaboration, teamwork and trustworthy will be the key to success.
In the last I would congratulate all those winners who received their achievement awards in BBS 2011. They must inspire new entrants and their team members to aspire success in their professional and personal life.
TIENS, with its operational excellence, best management practices and total commitment to quality has you, our consumers, at the heart of everything we do. We sincerely thank you for believing in TIENS and in our products. Our aim is to make our consumers well aware of what they eat and how to take care of their nutritional needs. We, therefore, invite you to get to know our products better and to look at our unique features in this magazine, business kit and other available material in print and on website, where you will discover informative pieces that will help you make healthier and balanced choices in your and your family's lives.
With warm regards,

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Tiens Energy Bracelet

Tiens Energy Bracelet

Tiens Titanium Energy Bracelet is the perfect combination of " Metal Pro - Life " pure titanium with ceramic magnets are high quality and designed with fashionable models . 4 types of unique design and can be used in a wide range of different situations .The process of production of high quality laser print logo and " TIENS " on the surface of the hook . Elegant packaging so it can be given as gifts or used alone .

1. Crystal Black ( Men )  
Size : 194mm / 220mm
2. Elegant Black ( Men ) 
Size : 209mm / 230mm

3. White Magic ( Women ) 
 Size : 185mm / 197mm

4.  Golden glaring ( Women )
     Size : 179mm / 193mm

Benefits :

Relieve pain in the body .
Reducing blood viscosity and acidity .
Increases blood circulation .
Effective against environmental radiation .attention

Do not wear the bracelet while bathing or putting hands into the liquid to certain conditions .
Avoid scratches or collision with other hard materials that may cause damage to the bracelet .
Under normal conditions , the bracelet can not be used together with the watches , cell phones or magnets .

Tiens New Product Vitalin


Specification: 800 mg / softgel x 30 softgels.
Improve the function of liver and prevents the pathological changes of liver
Improving the delivery of the message the brain nerve and improve vitality large
Reduce excess cholesterol in the blood, preventing and repairing cardiovascular disease
Anti-oxidants and slows aging
Recommended for:
Patients with hyperlipidemia and cardiovascular disease
Having problems with liver function
2-3 x 1 softgel / day, can be drunk alone / blended with other supplements.
Price Rs= 000

High Performance Diesel Oil

High Performance Diesel Oil

Multipurpose lubricant, suitable for diesel and gasoline engines, and is also good for vehicles and industrial machines that have heavy duty. Lubricant additive is equipped with anti- friction formula that can minimize friction when the engine is operated.

The advantages:

• Creating a longer engine service life.

• Able to provide good lubrication function despite different working temperatures .

• Prevent the formation of sludge and varnish.


1 . Provide lubrication protection quickly when the vehicle began to run ( at start ) .

2 . Provides protection from friction start to extreme conditions.

3 . Prevent wear and keep the piston clean.

4 . Substitution oil becomes longer.

5 . Saves fuel.

6 . Extend the life of your vehicle engine.

7 . Preventing the formation of sludge and varnish.

8 . Tiens Lubricant is environmentally friendly and provide a sense of comfort when driving .

Price : Rs ?

Specifications : SAE : 15W40 ; API Service : CH-4/SL

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