Sunday, 15 October 2017

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52. Tiens Hypotension Apperatus
53. Tiens Tooth Paste
54. Tiens Sanitay Napkin
55. Tiens Children IQ Meal
56. Tiens Clearvision Di Huang Brillant
57. Tiens Immune System
58. Tiens Internal Cleanser
59. Tiens 20th Anniversary in Chin
60. Tiens Mr. Li Jin Yaan Visit Pakistan
61. Tiens China Tour Video 2015  
62. Tiens Natto Ginkgo Capsules
63. VB Tiens Multi Vitamin B Tablets
64. Tiens Dicho Fruit & Vegetable Detergent 
65. Go Beyond Yourself at Top Speed Get Ahead with soaring Aspirations
66. Feel, Create and Spread Love (Tiens Group Donation) 
67. Tiens President Ms. Bai Ping Pays a Visit to America 
68. Tiens 2nd Health Voice of China Competition
69. Tiens Cordyceps Capsules Honored China Tianjin Famous Brand Product 
70. Tiens Group to Obtain A Level Halal Certificate Assurance System
71. Learn to Lead (Education and Training System of Tiens Group)
72. People are Sub Healthy
73. Double Cellulose Tablets 
74. Banting Vegetal Essence Powder.

Banting Vegetal Essence Powder.

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Double Cellulose Tablets

Tiens - Double Cellulose Tablets
The microorganism, that lives harmonic with our bodies in a very dependent relationship, need a balanced surroundings to remain healthy. Today, dietary fibers ar considered a very important a part of a holistic nutrition programme.TIENS Double Cellulose Tablets were specifically designed to provide your body with dietary fibers, and support general physical well being. additionally to overwhelming these tablets, you ought to eat as several fruits and vegetables as potential.
  1. Contributing in weight
  2. management programme
  3. Reduce risk of constipation
  4. Maintain a traditional gastrointestinal operate

People are Sub Healthy

Tiens Group - Tianshi - People are Sub Healthy

The sub healthy condition, symptoms of reduced health become chronic frequent sore throats, on-and-off contagious disease, and lethargy being common symptoms. More, suffers exhibit “three highs and one low” symptoms high sterol, high blood glucose, high blood consistence and low immunity.
It’s a typical downside whenever effective health maintenance isn't understood . while not higher information anyone are often reduced to a chronic sub-healthy state. fortuitously people who ar sub-healthy will become healthier, in line with however well they lookout of themselves.
In China ‘Qi balanced well being’ has been understood by most of the people for millennia. In distinction, western cultures ar loosely unaware of the problems surrounding the sub healthy condition. most of the people solely ever believe diet - and supplementing it, once they ar unwell.
In fact hour of health and generation lies in your hands through the diet, supplements and health decisions you create.
TIENS creation mission is to deliver balanced health right round the globe To you, your family and your friends.

Saturday, 12 March 2016

A Level Certificate of HALAL Assurance System

Global Tiens
Passion Pakistan
Halal Certificate
      Extend warm congratulations on the success of Tiens Group's HALAL assurance system to pass the annual audit of LPPOM MUI and obtain A-Level Certificate.
Halal Certificate
     According to the provisions of the Indonesian government, the food on the market must be accredited by MUI and must obtain HALAL certificate. In 2007, Tiens Group has applied and obtained HALAL Certificate and was audited on a regular basis. From January 13 to January 17, 2014, Tiens Group was audited by the organization once again. After being audited, our group's HALAL assurance system was rated as the highest i.e. level-A, Besides, MUI issued "HALAL Product Certification Certificate" in terms of 14 products.
Halal Certificate
     A-level Certificate of HALAL Assurance System and HALAL Product Certification Certificate enable Tiens products to bring high quality healthy life to more consumers and bring more secure healthy food for Muslim consumers.



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